OCF_PACEMAKER_PINGD(7)					      Pacemaker Configuration					    OCF_PACEMAKER_PINGD(7)

ocf_pacemaker_pingd - pingd resource agent SYNOPSIS
[OCF_RESKEY_pidfile=string] [OCF_RESKEY_user=string] [OCF_RESKEY_dampen=integer] [OCF_RESKEY_set=string] [OCF_RESKEY_name=string] [OCF_RESKEY_section=string] [OCF_RESKEY_multiplier=integer] [OCF_RESKEY_host_list=string] [OCF_RESKEY_interval=integer] [OCF_RESKEY_attempts=integer] [OCF_RESKEY_timeout=integer] [OCF_RESKEY_options=string] pingd [start | stop | monitor | meta-data | validate-all] DESCRIPTION
This agent (ocf:pacemaker:pingd) has been replaced by the more reliable ocf:pacemaker:ping. It records (in the CIB) the current number of ping nodes (specified in the 'host_list' parameter) a cluster node can connect to. SUPPORTED PARAMETERS
OCF_RESKEY_pidfile = string [/pingd-] PID file OCF_RESKEY_user = string [root] The user we want to run pingd as The user we want to run pingd as OCF_RESKEY_dampen = integer [5s] Dampening interval The time to wait (dampening) further changes occur OCF_RESKEY_set = string [] Set name The name of the instance_attributes set to place the value in. Rarely needs to be specified. OCF_RESKEY_name = string [pingd] Attribute name The name of the attributes to set. This is the name to be used in the constraints. OCF_RESKEY_section = string [] Section name The section place the value in. Rarely needs to be specified. OCF_RESKEY_multiplier = integer [] Value multiplier The number by which to multiply the number of connected ping nodes by OCF_RESKEY_host_list = string [] Host list The list of ping nodes to count. Defaults to all configured ping nodes. Rarely needs to be specified. OCF_RESKEY_interval = integer [1] ping interval in seconds How often, in seconds, to check for node liveliness OCF_RESKEY_attempts = integer [2] no. of ping attempts Number of ping attempts, per host, before declaring it dead OCF_RESKEY_timeout = integer [2] ping timeout in seconds How long, in seconds, to wait before declaring a ping lost OCF_RESKEY_options = string [] Extra Options A catch all for any other options that need to be passed to pingd. AUTHOR
Andrew Beekhof <andrew@beekhof.net> Author. Pacemaker Configuration 06/10/2014 OCF_PACEMAKER_PINGD(7)

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