chown(8)						      System Manager's Manual							  chown(8)

       chown - change owner and, optionally, group

       /etc/chown [ -fR ] owner[.group] file...

       The  command  changes  the owner and, optionally, group for one or more files and directories.  The value for file can be a full or partial
       path.  The value for owner can be either a decimal UID or a login name found in the password file.  The value for group	can  be  either  a
       decimal GID or a group name found in the group file.

       Only  the  superuser  can change the ownership of a file.  The superuser can also change the group of a file.  The owner of a file can only
       change the group, but the owner must be a member of any group specified.

       -f   Inhibits display of errors that are returned when cannot change the owner or group of the specified files.

       -R   Causes to recursively descend any directories subordinate to file and to set the owner, group, or  both  for  each	file  encountered.
	    When  symbolic  links  are encountered, changes the owner and group for the link file itself but does not traverse the path associated
	    with the link.  The option is useful only when file is a directory that is not empty.

       Change the owner of to ecbell:
       /etc/chown ecbell myfile

       Change the owner of to craig and group of to admin:
       /etc/chown craig.admin myfile

       Change the owner to richart and group to eng for the directories and and for all files and directories on any levels subordinate to and
       /etc/chown -R richart.eng projecta projectb

       See Also
	      chgrp(1), chown(2), group(5), group(5yp), passwd(5), passwd(5yp)


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