OB_GET_FLUSH(3) 							 1							   OB_GET_FLUSH(3)

ob_get_flush - Flush the output buffer, return it as a string and turn off output buffering

string ob_get_flush (void ) DESCRIPTION
ob_get_flush(3) flushes the output buffer, return it as a string and turns off output buffering. The output buffer must be started by ob_start(3) with PHP_OUTPUT_HANDLER_FLUSHABLE flag. Otherwise ob_get_flush(3) will not work. Note This function is similar to ob_end_flush(3), except that this function returns the buffer as a string. RETURN VALUES
Returns the output buffer or FALSE if no buffering is active. EXAMPLES
Example #1 ob_get_flush(3) example <?php //using output_buffering=On print_r(ob_list_handlers()); //save buffer in a file $buffer = ob_get_flush(); file_put_contents('buffer.txt', $buffer); print_r(ob_list_handlers()); ?> The above example will output: Array ( [0] => default output handler ) Array ( ) SEE ALSO
ob_end_clean(3), ob_end_flush(3), ob_list_handlers(3). PHP Documentation Group OB_GET_FLUSH(3)

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