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dh_config_model_upgrade - add Config::Model based configuration merge SYNOPSIS
dh_config_model_upgrade [ debhelper options ] [ --model_name xx ] [ --model_package xx [ --model_version yy ] ] [ --edit_option "..." ] [ -p pkg ] DESCRIPTION
dh_config_model_upgrade is experimental dh_config_model_upgrade is a debhelper that will modify the package script to perform configuration merge on package upgrade. This merge is based on config-edit from Config::Model. Model information can be specified by command options or a configuration file: "debian/foo.config-model" A Model must be either : o Delivered in the package in "debian/config-model/models/" directory o Provided by another package REQUIREMENTS
For this program to work, package maintainer must ensure that: o ensure that *.postinst and *.config have a #DEBHELPER# line (if these files exist) o ensure that control file has a dependency on ${misc:Depends} OPTIONS
--model_name XX Specifies the model name (a la "Config::Model") that will be used to perform the upgrade. Without this information, "dh_config_model_upgrade" will do nothing. (shortcut "--mn") --model_for "xx yy" Specifies the package to act upon. Without this option, "dh_config_model_upgrade" will do nothing. To specify several packages, list the packages between quotes. (shortcut "--mf") --model_package XX Specifies the debian package that provide the model specified bu "-model_name". (shortcut "--mp") --model_version YY Specifies the minimal version of the package that provides the model. (shortcut "--mv") --edit_option "..." Specify a list of options or command that will be passed verbatim to config-edit during upgrade. Be sure to use quotes. -p debhelper option to specify which package(s) to act on. Usage "dh_config_model_upgrade" can be used with only command line options. For instance dh_config_model_upgrade --model_name Sshd -p openssh-server --model_package lib-config-model-openssh-perl --model_version 1.206 Alternatively, you can specify relevant information in configuration files. For instance: $ cat debian/openssh-server.config-model model_name: Sshd model_package: lib-config-model-openssh-perl model_version: 1.206 $ cat debian/openssh-client.config-model model_name: Ssh model_package: lib-config-model-openssh-perl model_version: 1.206 In this case, "dh_config_model_upgrade" will be invoked this way dh_config_model_upgrade If the model are delivered within the package, you will have to specify them in xx.install file. Here's a example based on "approx" package where the model file and the parser/writer are delivered in approx package. Debian dir contains: debian/config-model/Approx.pm debian/config-model/models/Approx.pl "debian/approx.install" contains: debian/config-model/Approx.pm usr/share/perl5/Config/Model debian/config-model/models/Approx.pl usr/share/perl5/Config/Model/models dh_config_model_upgrade is invoked as : dh_config_model_upgrade -model_name Approx debian files setup "dh_config_model_upgrade" will work if: o "control" file contains a "S{misc:Depends}" variable in "Depends" line o "rules" contains a "#DEBHELPER#" line to insert generated postinst snippet EXAMPLES
"dh_config_model_upgrade" can be called in the rules file via the dh command (no options are possible, you will have to specify "debian/*.config_model" files): %: dh --with config_model Or directly at the start of the build with build: dh_config_model_upgrade -model_name FooBar Here's an example to avoid using Augeas when upgrading build: dh_config_model_upgrade -model_name Sshd -edit_option "-backend custom" CAVEATS
Using options with a single dash (e.g. "-model_name" instead of "--model_name") will lead to ""Unknown option"" errors. ENVIRONMENT
This program will exit(0) if "DH_NO_ACT" is set or if "DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS" contains "noconfigmodel". SEE ALSO
debhelper This program is an addendum to debhelper (part of libconfig-model-perl). AUTHOR
Dominique Dumont <dod@debian.org> perl v5.14.2 2012-11-09 DH_CONFIG_MODEL_UPGRADE(1p)

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