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Blt_TreeGetNode - Finds the node from the ID. SYNOPSIS
#include <bltTree.h> Blt_TreeNode Blt_TreeGetNode(tree, number) ARGUMENTS
Blt_Tree tree (in) Tree containing the requested node. unsigned int number (in) Serial number of the requested node. _________________________________________________________________ DESCRIPTION
This procedure returns a node in a tree object based upon a give serial number. The node is searched using the serial number. The arguments are as follows: tree The tree containing the requested node. number The serial number of the requested node. RETURNS
The node represented by the given serial number is returned. If no node with that ID exists in tree then NULL is returned. EXAMPLE
The following example gets the node from a serial number. unsigned int number; Blt_TreeNode node; Blt_TreeToken token; node = Blt_TreeGetNode(token, number); if (node == NULL) { printf("no node with ID %d exists ", number); } else { printf("node found: label is %s ", Blt_TreeNodeLabel(node)); } KEYWORDS
Tcl_TreeCreateNode, Tcl_TreeDeleteNode BLT
2.4 Blt_TreeGetNode(3)

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