command-not-found - A command-not-found handler SYNOPSIS
command-not-found {binary_name} {repository} ARGUMENTS
The following arguments are required: binary_name The name of binary you are looking for. repository The name of repository for search. For most cases, use zypp DESCRIPTION
command-not-found handler is designed to tell users which package contains a missing command. The handler is integrated to bash(1) and zsh(1) shells and is not necessary to call it directly. Just type a name of the command in your favourite shell and you'll get a result. If you consider c-n-f handler useless, just add unset command_not_found_handle to your profile or remove the command-not-found package. Handler doesn't call the command-not-found binary directly, it only prints info about it. If you want to invoke it automatically, just add export COMMAND_NOT_FOUND_AUTO=1 to your bash profile. EXAMPLE
: NORMAL USAGE For example you want to try blender, because you have heard that is an amazing program. So just type blender in shell: $ blender You get the following output: The program 'blender' can be found in the following package: * blender [ path: /usr/bin/blender, repository: zypp (openSUSE 11.1-0) ] Try installing with: sudo zypper install blender bash: blender: command not found SEE ALSO
scout(1) AUTHOR
Pavol Rusnak <> Developer 08/07/2009 COMMAND-NOT-FOUND(1)

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