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ImVirt - detects several virtualizations SYNOPSIS
use ImVirt; print imv_get(IMV_PROB_DEFAULT, imv_detect())," "; DESCRIPTION
The "ImVirt" package tries to detect if it is run in a virtualization container. At least the following container should be detected: ARAnyM KVM lguest LXC OpenVZ QEMU UML VirtualBox Virtual PC/Server VMware Xen DETECTION HEURISTIC
The detection is based on a heuristic - you should not trust the result at all. ImVirt probes for different well-known characteristics of different virtualization containers. Any characteristics found or not found are weighted by their significance. The result of the heuristic is a weighted tree. The leaves are the (not) detected containers. FUNCTIONS
The following functions should be used to retrieve the detected virtualization containers: imv_get($prob) Returns exactly one string describing the detected container. If the detected container has a smaller match probability than $prob the string 'Unknown' is returned. imv_get_all() Returns a hash any positive detected containers as keys and their corresponding match probability as value. imv_get_pos_results() Returns a list of all possible results which might be returned by all detection modules. The list entries might be appended by some additional data like version numbers etc. perl v5.14.2 2012-09-01 ImVirt(3pm)

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