tt_thread_session(library call) 										   tt_thread_session(library call)

tt_thread_session -- retrieve the default session identifier for the currently active thread SYNOPSIS
#include <Tt/tt_c.h> char *tt_thread_session( ); DESCRIPTION
The tt_thread_session function retrieves the default session identifier for the currently active thread. If there is no default session set for the currently-active thread, then the process default session identifier is returned. A session can have more than one session identifier. This means, for example, that the application cannot compare the result of tt_thread_session with the result of tt_message_session to verify that the message was sent in the default session. The returned pointer points to the character string name of the session. When no longer needed, it must be freed with tt_free. ARGUMENTS
Upon successful completion, the tt_thread_session function returns the pointer to a character string that uniquely identifies the default session for the currently active thread. TT_OK The operation completed successfully. TT_ERR_NOMP The ttsession process is not running and the ToolTalk service cannot start it. TT_ERR_PROCID The current default process identifier is out of date or invalid. TT_ERR_UNIMP The ToolTalk implementation does not support multithreading. TT_ERR_TOOLATE The multithreading feature has not been enabled. APPLICATION USAGE
Tt/tt_c.h - Tttt_c(5), tt_free(3), tt_ptr_error(3) tt_thread_session(library call)

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