ldapmodifygroup(1)					      General Commands Manual						ldapmodifygroup(1)

ldapmodifygroup - modifies a POSIX group account in LDAP interactively SYNOPSIS
ldapmodifygroup <groupname|gid> DESCRIPTION
ldapmodifygroup first looks for the right entry to modify. Once found, the entry is presented and you are prompted to enter LDIF data to modify it as you would do using a standard LDIF file and ldapmodify(1). The DN of the entry being modified is already specified : just begin with a changeType attribute or any other one(s) of your choice (in this case, the defaut changeType is 'modify'). OPTIONS
<groupname | gid> The name or gid of the group to modify. SEE ALSO
ldapmodifyuser(1), ldapmodifymachine(1), ldapscripts(5). AVAILABILITY
The ldapscripts are provided under the GNU General Public License v2 (see COPYING for more details). The latest version of the ldapscripts is available on : http://contribs.martymac.org BUGS
No bug known. August 22, 2007 ldapmodifygroup(1)

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