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gencat(1int)															      gencat(1int)

       gencat - generate a formatted message catalog

       gencat catalog_file [source_file ...]

       The  command  takes  one or more message source files and either creates a new catalog or merges new message text into an existing catalog.
       You should use the extension for message text files (for example, ) and the extension for catalogs (for example, ) to  process  files  with
       the command.

       In  some  cases, a formatted message catalog exists that has the same name the one that is creating.  When this occurs, merges the messages
       from the source message catalogs into this existing formatted message catalog.  The command merges the source  message  catalogs  into  the
       formatted  message  catalog  in	the same manner as it merges a group of source message catalogs.  If a source message catalog contains the
       same set number or message number as a set or message in the formatted message catalog, the source  message  catalog  set  or  message  has
       precedence.  For example, if both the source and formatted message catalogs contain a message number 25, the message text for message 25 in
       the source message catalog replaces the message text in the formatted message catalog.  Thus, when source message catalogs are merged  with
       formatted message catalogs, the formatted catalogs are updated.

       If you do not specify a source file, the command accepts message source data from standard input.

       Numeric message source files are portable between X/Open systems.

       For information on the source format for messages files, see the Guide to Developing International Software.

       The command does not accept mnemonic identifiers.  You must run the command if you want to use mnemonic identifiers.

See Also
       extract(1int), mkcatdefs(1int), trans(1int), catgets(3int), catopen(3int), intro(3int), environ(5int)
       Guide to Developing International Software


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