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MEMORY_PRESSURE(1)					    BSD General Commands Manual 					MEMORY_PRESSURE(1)

memory_pressure -- Tool to apply real or simulate memory pressure on the system. SYNOPSIS
memory_pressure [-l level] | [-p percent_free] | [-S -l level] OPTIONS
-l <level> Apply real or simulate memory pressure (if specified alongside simulate argument) on the system till low memory notifications cor- responding to <level> are generated. Supported values are "warn" and "critical". -p <percent_free> Allocate memory till the available memory in the system is <percent_free> of total memory. If the percentage of available memory to total memory on the system drops, the tool will free memory till either the desired percentage is achieved or it runs out of memory to free. -S Simulate memory pressure on the system by placing it artificially for <sleep_seconds> duration at the "warn" or "critical" level. -s <sleep_seconds> Duration to wait before allocating or freeing memory if applying real pressure. In case of simulating memory pressure, this is the duration the system will be maintained at an artifical memory level. DESCRIPTION
A tool to apply real or simulate memory pressure on the system SEE ALSO
vm_stat(1) Mac OS X Mar 7, 2013 Mac OS X

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