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MARKDOWN(3)						   BSD Library Functions Manual 					       MARKDOWN(3)

markdown -- process Markdown documents LIBRARY
Markdown (libmarkdown, -lmarkdown) SYNOPSIS
#include <mkdio.h> MMIOT *mkd_in(FILE *input, int flags); MMIOT *mkd_string(char *string, int size, int flags); int markdown(MMIOT *doc, FILE *output, int flags); DESCRIPTION
These functions convert Markdown documents and strings into HTML. markdown() processes an entire document, while mkd_text() processes a sin- gle string. To process a file, you pass a FILE* to mkd_in(), and if it returns a nonzero value you pass that in to markdown(), which then writes the con- verted document to the specified FILE*. If your input has already been written into a string (generated input or a file opened with mmap(2)) you can feed that string to mkd_string() and pass its return value to markdown.() Markdown() accepts the following flag values (or-ed together if needed) to restrict how it processes input: MKD_NOLINKS Don't do link processing, block <a> tags. MKD_NOIMAGE Don't do image processing, block <img>. MKD_NOPANTS Don't run smartypants(). MKD_NOHTML Don't allow raw html through AT ALL MKD_STRICT Disable superscript and relaxed emphasis. MKD_TAGTEXT Process text inside an html tag; no <em>, no <bold>, no html or [] expansion. MKD_NO_EXT Don't allow pseudo-protocols. MKD_CDATA Generate code for xml ![CDATA[...]]. MKD_NOSUPERSCRIPT Don't generate superscripts. Emphasis happens _everywhere_ MKD_NOTABLES Disallow tables. MKD_NOSTRIKETHROUGH Forbid ~~strikethrough~~. MKD_TOC Do table-of-contents processing. MKD_1_COMPAT Compatibility with MarkdownTest_1.0 MKD_AUTOLINK Make http://foo.com into a link even without <> s. MKD_SAFELINK Paranoid check for link protocol. MKD_NOHEADER Don't process header blocks. MKD_TABSTOP Expand tabs to 4 spaces. MKD_NODIVQUOTE Forbid >%class% blocks. MKD_NOALPHALIST Forbid alphabetic lists. MKD_NODLIST Forbid definition lists. MKD_EXTRA_FOOTNOTE Enable markdown extra-style footnotes. RETURN VALUES
markdown() returns 0 on success, 1 on failure. The mkd_in() and mkd_string() functions return a MMIOT* on success, null on failure. SEE ALSO
markdown(1), mkd-callbacks(3), mkd-functions(3), mkd-line(3), markdown(7), mkd-extensions(7), mmap(2). http://daringfireball.net/projects/markdown/syntax BUGS
Error handling is minimal at best. The MMIOT created by mkd_string() is deleted by the markdown function. Mastodon December 20, 2007 Mastodon

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