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RT::Client::REST::Attachment -- this object represents an attachment. SYNOPSIS
my $attachments = $ticket->attachments; my $count = $attachments->count; print "There are $count attachments. "; my $iterator = $attachments->get_iterator; while (my $att = &$iterator) { print "Id: ", $att->id, "; Subject: ", $att->subject, " "; } DESCRIPTION
An attachment is a second-class citizen, as it does not exist (at least from the current REST protocol implementation) by itself. At the moment, it is always associated with a ticket (see parent_id attribute). Thus, you will rarely retrieve an attachment by itself; instead, you should use "attachments()" method of RT::Client::REST::Ticket object to get an iterator for all attachments for that ticket. ATTRIBUTES
id Numeric ID of the attachment. creator_id Numeric ID of the user who created the attachment. parent_id Numeric ID of the object the attachment is associated with. This is not a proper attribute of the attachment as specified by REST -- it is simply to store the ID of the RT::Client::REST::Ticket object this attachment belongs to. subject Subject of the attachment. content_type Content type. file_name File name (if any). transaction_id Numeric ID of the RT::Client::REST::Transaction object this attachment is associated with. message_id Message ID. created Time when the attachment was created content Actual content of the attachment. headers Headers (not parsed), if any. parent Parent (not sure what this is yet). content_encoding Content encoding, if any. METHODS
RT::Client::REST::Attachment is a read-only object, so you cannot "store()" it. Also, because it is a second-class citizen, you cannot "search()" or "count()" it -- use "attachments()" method provided by RT::Client::REST::Ticket. retrieve To retrieve an attachment, attributes id and parent_id must be set. INTERNAL METHODS
rt_type Returns 'attachment'. SEE ALSO
RT::Client::REST::Ticket, RT::Client::REST::SearchResult. AUTHOR
Dmitri Tikhonov <dtikhonov@yahoo.com> LICENSE
Perl license with the exception of RT::Client::REST, which is GPLed. perl v5.14.2 2011-12-27 RT::Client::REST::Attachment(3pm)

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