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CenterCmd, CloseEditorCmd, GravityCmd, GridCmd, GridSpacingCmd, NormSizeCmd, OrientationCmd, RedToFitCmd - commands for modifying editor attributes SYNOPSIS
#include <Unidraw/Commands/viewcmds.h> DESCRIPTION
The Unidraw library predefines several commands for altering the attributes of editors and their viewers. CenterCmd centers each of the editor's viewers. CloseEditorCmd closes the editor, removing it from the screen. GravityCmd turns gravity on by activating the editor's GravityVar, if it defines one. GridCmd toggles the visibility of each viewer's grid, while GridSpacingCmd lets the user specify the grid spacing for all grids. Finally, NormSizeCmd sets each viewer's magnification to a factor of one, OrientationCmd toggles each viewer's ori- entation between landscape mode and portrait mode, and RedToFitCmd changes each viewer's magnification so that its component view is fully visible. CENTERCMD PUBLIC OPERATIONS
CenterCmd(ControlInfo*) CenterCmd(Editor* = nil) Construct a new CenterCmd. virtual void Execute() Execute simply calls CenterOp on each of the editor's viewers. virtual boolean Reversible() CenterCmd is not reversible. CLOSEEDITORCMD PUBLIC OPERATIONS
CloseEditorCmd(ControlInfo*) CloseEditorCmd(Editor* = nil) Construct a new CloseEditorCmd. virtual void Execute() Execute calls Close on the global unidraw object with the CloseEditorCmd's editor as its argument. Execute prompts the use to save the component if it does not appear in any other open editors. If no other editors are open at all, Execute creates and executes a QuitCmd. virtual boolean Reversible() CloseEditorCmd is not reversible. GRAVITYCMD PUBLIC OPERATIONS
GravityCmd(ControlInfo*) GravityCmd(Editor* = nil) Construct a new GravityCmd. virtual void Execute() Execute calls Activate on the editor's GravityVar (if it defines one) with the inverse of the value returned by GravityVar's IsAc- tive operation. virtual boolean Reversible() GravityCmd is not reversible. GRIDCMD PUBLIC OPERATIONS
GridCmd(ControlInfo*) GridCmd(Editor* = nil) Construct a new GridCmd. virtual void Execute() Execute calls the Visibility operation on the grid from each of the editor's viewers, supplying the inverse of the value returned by Grid's IsVisible oepation. virtual boolean Reversible() GridCmd is not reversible. GRIDSPACINGCMD PUBLIC OPERATIONS
GridSpacingCmd(ControlInfo*) GridSpacingCmd(Editor* = nil) Construct a new GridSpacingCmd. virtual void Execute() Execute prompts the user to specify grid spacing information through a GridDialog. If the user does not cancel the dialog, then Execute will pass the specified grid spacing to a SetSpacing call on each viewer's grid. virtual boolean Reversible() GridSpacingCmd is not reversible. NORMSIZECMD PUBLIC OPERATIONS
NormSizeCmd(ControlInfo*) NormSizeCmd(Editor* = nil) Construct a new NormSizeCmd. virtual void Execute() Execute simply calls SetMagnification with an argument of 1 on each of the editor's viewers. virtual boolean Reversible() NormSizeCmd is not reversible. ORIENTATIONCMD PUBLIC OPERATIONS
OrientationCmd(ControlInfo*) OrientationCmd(Editor* = nil) Construct a new OrientationCmd. virtual void Execute() Execute switches the orientation of each of the editor's viewers via their SetOrientation operation. virtual boolean Reversible() OrientationCmd is not reversible. REDTOFITCMD PUBLIC OPERATIONS
RedToFitCmd(ControlInfo*) RedToFitCmd(Editor* = nil) Construct a new RedToFitCmd. virtual void Execute() Execute simply calls ReduceToFit on each of the editor's viewers. virtual boolean Reversible() RedToFitCmd is not reversible. SEE ALSO
BasicDialog(3U), Command(3U), Grid(3U), Unidraw(3U), Viewer(3U), catcmds(3U), globals(3U), statevars(3U) Unidraw 24 January 1991 viewcmds(3U)

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