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sortm(1)						      General Commands Manual							  sortm(1)

sortm - sort messages (only available within the message handling system, mh) SYNOPSIS
sortm [msgs] [+folder] [options] OPTIONS
Specifies the name of the header field to use when making the date comparison. If you have a special field in each message, such as Deliv- ery-Date:, then the -datefield switch can be used to tell sortm which field to examine. If you do not give this option, the default is to use the Date: header field. Prints a list of all the valid options to this command. Displays the general actions that it is taking to place the folder in sorted order. The -noverbose option performs these actions silently. The default is -noverbose. The default settings for this command are: +folder defaults to the current folder msgs defaults to all -datefield date -noverbose DESCRIPTION
The command sortm sorts all the messages in the current folder into chronological order according to the contents of the Date: fields of the messages. By default, sortm sorts all the messages in the current folder. You can select particular messages in the folder by giving a range of mes- sages. You can also sort messages in another folder by specifying the folder name. If sortm encounters a message without a Date: field, or if the message has a Date: field that sortm cannot parse, it attempts to keep the message in the same relative position. However, this does not always work; for instance, if the first message encountered lacks a date which can be parsed, then it will usually be placed at the end of the messages being sorted. When sortm complains about a message which it cannot order, it complains about the message number prior to sorting. PROFILE COMPONENTS
Path: To determine your MH directory EXAMPLES
The following example sorts all the messages in the folder +meetings: % sortm +meetings The next example sorts messages 10-30 in the folder called +test: % sortm +test 10-30 FILES
The user profile. SEE ALSO
folder(1) sortm(1)

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