smd-loop(1)						 Sync Mail Dir (smd) documentation					       smd-loop(1)

smd-loop - iterates smd-pull and smd-push SYNOPSIS
smd-loop [-vt] DESCRIPTION
smd-loop runs smd-push and smd-pull at regular intervals as defined by the user in the ~/.smd/loop configuration file. On errors that are reported to be transient, it retries a second time before failing. The configuration file is line-oriented. Each line is composed of three space separated fields: pull-frequency, push-frequency and end- point-name. Frequencies are expressed in minutes, while endpoint name is a valid name for smd-pull(1) and smd-push(1). Lines beginning with # are considered as comments. The following example calls the command smd-pull default every 3 minutes, and smd-push default every 10. Example: # pull-frequency push-frequency endpoint-name 3 10 default OPTIONS
-v Increase program verbosity (printed on stderr) -t Just create a template configuration file if none FILES
~/.smd/loop SEE ALSO
mddiff(1), smd-server(1), smd-client(1), smd-push(1), smd-pull(1) AUTHOR
Enrico Tassi <> 11 June 2012 smd-loop(1)

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