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cachefslog(1M)															    cachefslog(1M)

cachefslog - Cache File System logging SYNOPSIS
logfile| cachefs_mount_point DESCRIPTION
The command is used to enable or disable logging for a cachefs_mount_point. When the command is used without any options, it displays the logfile. The logfile contains information on the operation performed on a cachefs_mount_point and statistics used by to get the working set size of cache directory. The specified logfile will contain information for all the CacheFS mount points using the same cache direc- tory. A logfile and a cache directory have a 1-to-1 mapping; that is, even if a cache directory is removed and recreated with the same name, the logfile used in the previous instance of the cache directory cannot be reused with the new cache directory. Enabling logging may have performance impact, even if minimal, on the operations for all the CacheFS mount points using the same cache directory. The command is mainly used for debugging purposes. Options The following options are supported. You must be a superuser to use the and options. Specify the logfile to be used. Halt logging. Operands cachefs_mount_point A mount point of a cache file system. RETURN VALUE
returns the following values: Success. non-zero An error occurred. EXAMPLES
1. Checking the logging of a directory. This example checks if the CacheFS file system is being logged: 2. Changing the logfile. This example changes the logfile of to 3. Verifying the change of a logfile. This example verifies the change of the previous example: 4. Halting the logging of a directory. This example halts logging for the directory: AUTHOR
was developed by Sun Microsystems, Inc. SEE ALSO
cachefsstat(1M), cachefswssize(1M), cfsadmin(1M). cachefslog(1M)

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