KEYTAB-LILO.PL(8)														 KEYTAB-LILO.PL(8)

keytab-lilo - compile keytables files for use with LILO SYNOPSIS
/usr/sbin/keytab-lilo [-p R old_code = new_code ] ... [default_layout] kbd_layout DESCRIPTION
keytab-lilo is a program which compiles keytable definitions (in the format specified in keytables(5)) into a format which can be used by lilo(8) to set the keyboard type when booting [using the keytable parameter in /etc/lilo.conf]. kbd_layout should be the name of a map file which specifies the desired keyboard layout. This file may be a gzip(1) compressed map. If no file extension is given, .map.gz is assumed. If the full pathname is not specified, /usr/share/keymaps/ is assumed. Since lilo essentially needs to know the differences between the BIOS keyboard mapping and the one you require, the default_layout file should contain a keytables(5) file for the BIOS default mapping. If no default_layout file is specified, is used. keytab-lilo writes the output translation table as a binary string to standard output, so you should redirect it to a suitable file. lilo has no particular restrictions on the name of keyboard translation files, but the suggested naming convention and location is /boot/map- ping.ktl (where .ktl stands for "Keyboard Table for Lilo"). OPTIONS
-p R old_code = new_code Specifies corrections ("patches") to the mapping obtained from the translation table files. E.g. if pressing the upper case "A" should yield an at sign, -p 65=64 would be used. The -p option can be repeated any number of times. The codes can also be given as hexadecimal or as octal numbers if they are prefixed with 0x or 0, respectively. EXAMPLES
keytab-lilo dvorak >/boot/dvorak.ktl This is the most common form of invocation; it simply compiles the given map file (in this case dvorak) and puts the result in /boot/dvorak.ktl. AUTHOR
Werner Almesberger ( Peter Maydell ( wrote this manual page. SEE ALSO
lilo(8), keytables(5), gzip(1) lilo comes with extensive documentation which can be found in /usr/share/doc/lilo-doc/ on Debian-based systems. April 1998 KEYTAB-LILO.PL(8)

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