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gst-launch-ext - Run a predefined GStreamer pipeline SYNOPSIS
gst-launch-ext filename [filename...] DESCRIPTION
gst-launch-ext is a tool that is used to run a basic predefined GStreamer pipeline. This application is only used as a quick test to ensure proper working of codecs and GStreamer. It doesn't handle more advanced features like synchronisation. All supported formats in GStreamer should be playable by simply typing: gst-launch-ext filename It will also print out the pipeline it uses, so you can customize it using cut and paste. CONFIGURATION
gst-launch-ext can be configured by creating a .gst file in your home directory. This is a perl-style configuration file and can override the defaults for audio and video output sinks. Here is an example .gst file that implements the same defaults as hard-coded in the script : $cfg{AUDIOSINK} = "osssink"; $cfg{VIDEOSINK} = "colorspace ! xvideosink"; You can change osssink to any of esdsink, alsasink, jacksink (if you have the plug-in), and you can change xvideosink to aasink or sdlvideosink. Other plug-ins might be used as well if GStreamer has them. SEE ALSO
gst-guilaunch(1), gst-complete(1), gst-register(1), gst-inspect(1), gst-launch(1), AUTHOR
The GStreamer team at February 2002 GStreamer(1)

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