LAMPCOLOR(1)						      General Commands Manual						      LAMPCOLOR(1)

lampcolor - compute spectral radiance for diffuse emitter SYNOPSIS
lampcolor [ lamptable ] DESCRIPTION
Lampcolor is an interactive program for computing the appropriate color for a diffuse emitter. From the total lumen output and a simple description of the fixture geometry, the radiance for a diffuse fixture is calculated. Since most light fixtures are not really diffuse, the preferred method is to use luminaire distribution data (see ies2rad(1)). A table of lamp colors and depreciation factors is used to get the color for a specific lamp type. If "white" is specified, the lamp will be uncolored. This is probably preferable for scenes with only a single variety of lamp in order to produce color-balanced images. ENVIRONMENT
RAYPATH Directories to check for lamp table FILES Default lamp lookup table AUTHOR
Work on this program was initiated and sponsored by the LESO group at EPFL in Switzerland. SEE ALSO
ies2rad(1) RADIANCE
11/15/93 LAMPCOLOR(1)

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