proto(4)						     Kernel Interfaces Manual							  proto(4)

proto - prototype job file for at SYNOPSIS
When a job is submitted to or the job is constructed as a POSIX shell script (see at(1)). The job file is created in as follows: o creates a header describing the job as an job or a job. jobs submitted to all queues other than queue are listed as jobs. The header is: for an job, or for a job. o A set of POSIX shell commands is added to make the environment (see environ(5)) for the job the same as the current environment. o then copies text from the prototype file to the job file, except for special variables that are replaced by other text: Replaced by the current working directory. Replaced by the current file size limit (see ulimit(2)). Replaced by the current umask (see umask(2)). Replaced by the time at which the job should be run, expressed as seconds since January 1, 1970, 00:00 Coordinated Universal Time, preceded by a colon. Replaced by text read by from the standard input (that is, the commands provided to to be run in the job). o When a job is submitted to queue queue, uses the file as the prototype file if it exists. Otherwise, it uses the file EXAMPLES
The following file creates commands to change the current directory, file size limit, and umask in the job to their respective values as they existed when was originally run. These commands are inserted before the commands in the job: SEE ALSO
at(1), queuedefs(4). STANDARDS CONFORMANCE

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