pydhcplib.ipv4(3)						     PYDHCPLIB							 pydhcplib.ipv4(3)

pydhcplib.ipv4 - Type for IP addresses version 4 SYNOPSIS
from pydhcplib.type_ipv4 import ipv4 a = ipv4() a = ipv4(string) a = ipv4(strlist) a = ipv4(int) DESCRIPTION
The class pydhcplib.ipv4 is a type "IP address version 4". It's used for string processing like "". The class creation argument can be a string like "". The class creation argument can be a list of bytes like [192,168,0,4]. METHODS
The implemented methods in this class are mostly methods of comparison (= =, >, etc...) else : str() return data converted into a printable string. list() return data converted into a list of bytes. int() return data converted into an 4 bytes int. EXAMPLES
Example program : from pydhcplib.type_ipv4 import ipv4 address = ipv4() address1 = ipv4("") address2 = ipv4("") address3 = ipv4([192,168,0,1]) print "a0 : ",address print "a1 : ",address1 print "a2 : ",address2 print "a3 : ",address3 if address1 == address2 : print "test 1 : ",address1, "==",address2 else : print "test 1 : " ,address1, "!=",address2 if address1 == address3 : print "test 2 : ", address1, "==",address3 else : print "test 2 : ", address1, "!=",address3 SEE ALSO
pydhcp(8), pydhcplib.hwmac(3), pydhcplib.ipv4(3), pydhcplib.strlist(3), pydhcplib.DhcpPacket(3), pydhcplib.DhcpBasicPacket(3), pydhc- plib.DhcpNetwork(3), pydhcplib.DhcpClient(3), pydhcplib.DhcpRawClient(3), pydhcplib.DhcpDerver(3) BUGS
See for more information. AUTHOR
Mathieu Ignacio (mignacio[AT] pydhcplib.ipv4(3)

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