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newinv(1)						      General Commands Manual							 newinv(1)

       newinv - update distribution kit master inventory

       /usr/sys/dist/newinv mi-file input-path

       The  command  interactively maintains the master inventory files used for producing distributions in format. The program updates the master
       inventory for a product when changes are made to the hierarchy of files which are to be packaged in the subsets which constitute the  prod-

       The  product  hierarchy	is  scanned to produce a list of component path names relative to input-path.  The list of path names is processed
       against the mi-file to produce a list of those files which have been removed from the product hierarchy and a list  of  those  files  which
       have been added.

       The  user is then given an opportunity to intervene and direct the inventory maintenance by editing these lists.  The user is placed in the
       editor with each list available for editing.  The editor used is the one specified by the EDITOR environment variable.  If  EDITOR  is  not
       set,  is  used.	 When editing the list of files which have been removed from the product, the user is expected to verify that the removals
       were intentional, and confirm the intent by removing the associated record from the file. When editing the list of files  which	have  been
       added to the product, the user is expected to provide flags and subset information for each new file, transforming the elements of the list
       into master inventory records.

       Both of these lists are merged with the records for the files which have not been changed to produce a new copy	of  the  master  inventory

       mi-file	      The  pathname of the master inventory file to be processed. If no master inventory file exists, you must create an empty one
		      before using the command.

       input-path     The name of the product hierarchy to be scanned for files belonging in the inventory. All files and directories found  below
		      the input-path will be processed as belonging in the inventory.

       The default text editor if not specified in $EDITOR is

       Files  in the product hierarchy cannot be excluded from the master inventory. Files can be blocked from being kitted in the final distribu-
       tion kit by setting the subset field of the master inventory record to NOSHIP.

       To update the master inventory file ULT400.mi from the hierarchy beginning at /var/kits/input, type:
	   newinv ULT400.mi /var/kits/input

       newinv: where is mi-file?
       The mi-file specified on the command line cannot be found.

       input-path: bad directory.
       The input-path directory specified on the command line does not exist.

       Backup copy of master inventory

       The list of files missing from the product.

       The list of files new to the product.

       Intermediate join file.

       List of all files in the product.

See Also
       kits(1), vi(1), stl_mi(5), environ(7), setld(8)
       Guide to Preparing Software for Distribution on ULTRIX Systems


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