YACPI(1)						      General Commands Manual							  YACPI(1)

YACPI - Yet Another Configuration and Power Interface SYNOPSIS
Yacpi is an acpi monitoring tool for Linux. It displays various acpi information like battery status, ac status and temperature. This information will be displayed in a user-friendly ncurses interface or as plain-text. It is also able to display current cpu frequency and the kernel scaling governor. OPTIONS
-h display help -v display version number and release date -p display as plain-text only, useful for script output for example -l loop yacpi output every second. -n display not found items (display everything you can) -d specify delay seconds for loop -b show battery information -a show ac adapter information -f show fan information -t show thermal zone information -c show cpu frequency -g show used frequency governor The default prints all available information. KEYS
q - quit yacpi r - reload acpi information h - print help screen REPORTING BUGS
ACPI information is platform and system depended so please include as much information you can gather about your system like contents of /proc/acpi files, strace output or backtraces/core files. AUTHOR CONTACT
Yacpi was written by Nico Golde <nico@ngolde.de> User Commands YACPI(1)

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