UPDATE-INETD(8) 						      rlinetd							   UPDATE-INETD(8)

update-inetd - manage rlinetd (and inetd) configuration entries SYNOPSIS
update-inetd [options] --add ENTRY update-inetd [options] --remove SERVICE update-inetd [options] --enable SERVICE update-inetd [options] --disable SERVICE DESCRIPTION
update-inetd is a rlinetd's compatibility script, which can be used to by various Debian post-installation scripts to manage services in rlinetd configuration files directory /etc/rlinetd.d. update-inetd will spawn update-inetd.real(8) for managing entries in /etc/inetd.conf file. Please see update-inetd.real(8) for details. ACTIONS
--add ENTRY Adds an entry, which should be a line in a inetd.conf(5) format. --remove SERVICE Removes a service. --enable SERVICE Enables a service. --disable SERVICE Disables a service. OPTIONS
--version Prints version information on standard output and exit successfully. --debug Enables debugging mode. Note the option is also passed to update-inetd.real(8). Any other option is passed directly to update-inetd.real(8). FILES
/etc/rlinetd.conf, /etc/rlinetd.d/*, /etc/inetd.conf SEE ALSO
update-inetd.real(8), inetd.conf(5), rlinetd.conf(5), inetd2rlinetd(8) AUTHOR
Robert Luberda <robert@debian.org> Debian January 3rd, 2009 UPDATE-INETD(8)

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