ingres_field_nullable - Test if a field is nullable

bool ingres_field_nullable (resource $result, int $index) DESCRIPTION
Test if a field is nullable. Note Related Configurations See ingres.array_index_start in Runtime Configuration PARAMETERS
o $result - The query result identifier o $index -$index is the field whose nullability will be retrieved. The possible values of $index depend upon the value of ingres.array_index_start. If ingres.array_index_start is 1 (the default) then $index must be between 1 and the value returned by ingres_num_fields(3). If ingres.array_index_start is 0 then $index must be between 0 and ingres_num_fields(3) - 1. RETURN VALUES
ingres_field_nullable(3) returns TRUE if the field can be set to the NULL value and FALSE if it cannot SEE ALSO
ingres_query(3), ingres_fetch_array(3), ingres_fetch_assoc(3), ingres_fetch_object(3), ingres_fetch_row(3). PHP Documentation Group INGRES_FIELD_NULLABLE(3)

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