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dbconfig-load-include(1)					  dbconfig-common					  dbconfig-load-include(1)

dbconfig-load-include - parse custom format db config files SYNOPSIS
dbconfig-load-include [-hv] [-a] [-d[varname]] [-u[varname]] [-p[varname]] [-s[varname]] [-P[varname]] [-t[varname]] -f format infile DESCRIPTION
dbconfig-load-include is a program to parse custom format include files containing the information necessary to connect a program to a database resource. This is primarily intended to be used by the dbconfig-common package to import database settings of packages with pre-existing configurations that have migrated to dbconfig-common. for more information, please see /usr/share/doc/dbconfig-common. OPTIONS
infile use the given config file as input -f|--format use the given output format (default: sh) -a|--all include all information in output (default) -d|--dbname include the dbname in the output -p|--dbpass include the dbpass in the output -s|--dbserver include the dbserver in the output -P|--dbport include the dbport in the output -u|--dbuser include the dbuser in the output -t|--dbtype include the dbtype in the output -h|--help display this helpful message -v|--version output the version and exit format is one of a list of include-file style formats for various programming languages. the current list includes: sh /bin/sh style include file perl perl parseable include file php php parseable include file exec run the file as a script and interpret its output sean finney March 2005 dbconfig-load-include(1)

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