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PX_TIMESTAMP2STRING(3)					     Library Functions Manual					    PX_TIMESTAMP2STRING(3)

PX_timestamp2string -- Convert paradox timestamp into formated string SYNOPSIS
#include <paradox.h> char * PX_timestamp2string(pxdoc_t *pxdoc, double timestamp, const char *format) DESCRIPTION
Creates a string representation of a paradox timestamp as specified in the parameter format. The timestamp must be either retrieved with PX_get_data_double(3) after calling PX_get_record(3) or by simply using the double value in the pxval_t struct as returned by PX_retrieve_record(3). A timestamp contains both time and date information. The format string contains chars which stand for certain values of the date/time. The following table lists all available characters with a meaning. All other characters are being copied unmodified to the output string. If a special character shall not be interpreted it must be preceded with a backslash. Characters and their meaning in date/time format string Character Meaning Y year, numeric, 4 digits y year, numeric, 2 digits m month, numeric n month, numeric, no leading zeroes d day of the month, numeric j T{ day of the month, numeric, no leading zeros T} H hour, numeric, 24 hour format h hour, numeric, 12 hour format G T{ hour, numeric, 24 hour format, no leading zeroes T} g T{ hour, numeric, 12 hour format, no leading zeroes T} i minutes, numeric s seconds, numeric A AM/PM a am/pm L boolean for leap year RETURN VALUE
Returns pointer to string on success and NULL on failure. SEE ALSO
PX_time2string(3), PX_date2string(3) AUTHOR
This manual page was written by Uwe Steinmann PX_TIMESTAMP2STRING(3)

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