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Prima::ScrollWidget - scrollable generic document widget. DESCRIPTION
"Prima::ScrollWidget" is a simple class that declares two pairs of properties, delta and limit for vertical and horizontal axes, which define a a virtual document. limit is the document dimension, and delta is the current offset. "Prima::ScrollWidget" is a descendant of "Prima::GroupScroller", and, as well as its ascendant, provides same user navigation by two scrollbars. The scrollbars' "partial" and "whole" properties are maintained if the document or widget extensions change. API
Properties deltas X, Y Selects horizontal and vertical document offsets. deltaX INTEGER Selects horizontal document offset. deltaY INTEGER Selects vertical document offset. limits X, Y Selects horizontal and vertical document extensions. limitX INTEGER Selects horizontal document extension. limitY INTEGER Selects vertical document extension. Events Scroll DX, DY Called whenever the client area is to be scrolled. The default action calls "Widget::scroll" . AUTHOR
Dmitry Karasik, <>. SEE ALSO
Prima, Prima::ImageViewer, Prima::IntUtils, Prima::ScrollBar, examples/ perl v5.14.2 2009-02-24 Prima::ScrollWidget(3)

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