HEADER_REMOVE(3)							 1							  HEADER_REMOVE(3)

header_remove - Remove previously set headers

void header_remove ([string $name]) DESCRIPTION
Removes an HTTP header previously set using header(3). PARAMETERS
o $name - The header name to be removed. Note This parameter is case-insensitive. RETURN VALUES
No value is returned. EXAMPLES
Example #1 Unsetting specific header. <?php header("X-Foo: Bar"); header("X-Bar: Baz"); header_remove("X-Foo"); ?> The above example will output something similar to: X-Bar: Baz Example #2 Unsetting all previously set headers. <?php header("X-Foo: Bar"); header("X-Bar: Baz"); header_remove(); ?> The above example will output something similar to: NOTES
Caution This function will remove all headers set by PHP, including cookies, session and the X-Powered-By headers. Note Headers will only be accessible and output when a SAPI that supports them is in use. SEE ALSO
header(3), headers_sent(3). PHP Documentation Group HEADER_REMOVE(3)

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