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PDB_ODSAM(8)															      PDB_ODSAM(8)

pdb_odsam - Open Directory account information database for smbd SYNOPSIS
The pdb_odsam plugin is the default account information database backend used on Mac OS X. It makes users and groups record from Open Directory available to Samba. idmap_odsam should always be used in conjunction with the odsam passdb backend. OPTIONS
odsam: map guest to guest = BOOL If this is true (the default), pdb_odsam map the literal username "guest" to the configured guest account. This makes "guest" an alias for the configured guest account regardless of whether an account named "guest" exists or not. odsam: msglevel = LEVEL LEVEL is the integer log level at which pdb_odsam should emit log messages. The lower LEVEL is, the more verbose the log messages. odsam: traceall = BOOL If this is true, pdb_odsam will emit log messages for all Open Directory calls. If it is false (the default), it will only log errors. EXAMPLES
[global] idmap domain = default idmap config default:default = yes idmap config default:backend = odsam idmap alloc backend = odsam passdb backend = odsam odsam: msglevel = 0 # Log at debugging levels odsam: traceall = no # Do not trace Open Directory calls BUGS
Please report bugs to Apple. SEE ALSO
DirectoryService(8), smb.conf(5), smbd(8) PDB_ODSAM(8)

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