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gvid_no_claim_dev(5)						File Formats Manual					      gvid_no_claim_dev(5)

gvid_no_claim_dev - PCI Vendor/Device ID that the gvid graphics driver will not claim VALUES
Failsafe Default Allowed values Recommended values Specific to the device you wish to prevent from claiming. DESCRIPTION
This tunable specifies the PCI Vendor ID and/or Device ID of a graphics device that the HP graphics driver should not claim. The graphics driver was designed to be a general purpose driver for all PCI graphics cards. As a result, the driver will attempt to claim any PCI graphics display device found on the system. This can be a problem for graphics device developers who need their own graphics driver to claim their own graphics device. The value of will specify a PCI Vendor ID and/or Device ID of a graphics card that the gvid graphics driver should not claim. It is a 32 bit number, with the upper 16 bits containing the PCI Vendor ID and the lower 16 bits containing the PCI Device ID. Either the Vendor ID or Device ID can use a wildcard value of For example, if is set to the value the driver will ignore graphics devices with a PCI Vendor ID of and a Device ID of If is set to the driver will not claim any graphics cards with a Vendor ID of regardless of the Device ID. Who Is Expected to Change This Tunable? Anyone who wishes the graphics driver to ignore a specific graphics device. This will typically be someone writing their own graphics driver for their own hardware. Restrictions on Changing Changes to this tunable take effect at the next reboot. What Other Tunables Should Be Changed at the Same Time? None. WARNINGS
All HP-UX kernel tunable parameters are release specific. This parameter may be removed or have its meaning changed in future releases of HP-UX. Installation of optional kernel software, from HP or other vendors, may cause changes to tunable parameter values. After installation, some tunable parameters may no longer be at the default or recommended values. For information about the effects of installation on tun- able values, consult the documentation for the kernel software being installed. For information about optional kernel software that was factory installed on your system, see at AUTHOR
was developed by HP. Tunable Kernel Parameters gvid_no_claim_dev(5)

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