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GraphicCompTool(3U)					    InterViews Reference Manual 				       GraphicCompTool(3U)

GraphicCompTool - tool for instantiating graphical components SYNOPSIS
#include <Unidraw/Tools/grcomptool.h> DESCRIPTION
A GraphicCompTool lets the user instantiate graphical components by direct manipulation. The GraphicCompTool keeps a prototypical compo- nent that defines the type of component it can instantiate. PUBLIC OPERATIONS
GraphicCompTool(ControlInfo*, GraphicComp* prototype) GraphicCompTool() Create a new GraphicCompTool, supplying the prototypical GraphicComp. (You should not normally call the parameterless constructor, which Creator requires.) The first constructor creates a graphical view of the prototype for internal use. virtual Manipulator* CreateManipulator( Viewer*, Event&, Transformer* ) virtual void InterpretManipulator(Manipulator*) CreateManipulator clears the editor's selection and delegates manipulator creation and interpretation to the graphical view of the prototype. GraphicComp* GetPrototype() Return the prototypical GraphicComp. SEE ALSO
GraphicComp(3U), Tool(3U) Unidraw 24 January 1991 GraphicCompTool(3U)

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