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XtUngrabKeyboard()														XtUngrabKeyboard()

  XtUngrabKeyboard - release an active keyboard grab.

  void XtUngrabKeyboard(widget, time)
	   Widget widget;
	   Time time;

  widget    Specifies the widget which has the active keyboard grab.

  time	    Specifies the time when the grab should end.  CurrentTime is acceptable.

  Release 4 and later.

  XtUngrabKeyboard() releases an active keyboard grab by calling XUngrabKeyboard(), passing the display of widget and time.

  The  time  argument  may  be a timestamp or the constant CurrentTime.  If the specified time is earlier than the last-keyboard-grab time or
  later than the current server time the keyboard will not be ungrabbed.

  See XtGrabKeyboard() for more information about grabbing the keyboard.

  Most applications will never need to issue a grab.  XtAddGrab() (called by XtPopup()) can be used  to  implement  modal  popups  inside  an
  application,	and  XtSetKeyboardFocus()  can	be used to redirect keyboard focus within an application.  Neither function actually issues a
  grab, and so does not interrupt event processing by other clients.

See Also
  XtAddGrab(1), XtGrabButton(1), XtGrabKey(1), XtGrabKeyboard(1), XtGrabPointer(1), XtSetKeyboardFocus(1), XtUngrabButton(1), XtUngrabKey(1),

Xt - Keyboard Handling														XtUngrabKeyboard()

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