GSM0710MUXD(8)						      System Manager's Manual						    GSM0710MUXD(8)

gsm0710muxd - a gsm 07.10 muxer SYNOPSIS
gsm0710muxd [options] DESCRIPTION
A gsm muxer is needed to keep a ppp/gprs up & running while sms and calls are still signaled on another channel. Some modems even support using gprs while a call is active, others suspend gprs during calls. The muxer supports various options to change the behaviour for different modems. Use -h to see a brief help screen. All logging is done through syslog, see the syslog for errors and warnings. COMMAND-LINE OPTIONS -d Fork, get a daemon (default: no) -v Verboser logging (give twice for even more verbose) -s <serial port name> Serial port device to connect to (default: /dev/modem) -t <timeout> reset modem after this number of seconds of silence (default: 0) -P <pin-code> PIN code to unlock SIM (default: <not set>). This is normally not needed but some modems need the pin before enabling the muxer mode. -p <number> use ping and reset modem after this number of unanswered pings (default: 0) -l <filename> set logfile name (default: <not set>) -x <dir> power managment base dir (default: <not set>) -a <mode> additional_functionality (default: 0). This is a bit-set enabling quirks for different modem. The quirks are: WAKEUP_WITH_SYSFS = 1, WAKEUP_WITH_SEQUENCE = 2, SIEMENS_C35 = 4, ENFORA = 8, SHORT_INIT = 16. -b <baudrate> muxer-mode baudrate (default: 115200) -B <baudrate> serial port baudrate (default: 115200) -m <mode> Mode (basic, advanced) (default: advanced) -f <framsize> Frame size (default: 64) -h Show a help message and display current settings. HISTORY
The name 'gsm0710muxd' was choosen because the gsm specs describe this method in document 7.10. BUGS
/LIMITATIONS gsm0710muxd There may accure bufferoverruns and thus missing data between muxer and client under certain situations. Some settings could be determined by a AT-command at startup. This wouldn't be much reliable because modems often lie so i did not invest to much work in this. AUTHOR
M. Dietrich <> SEE ALSO
ptsname(3) gsm0710muxd 23 June 2009 GSM0710MUXD(8)