MODBUS_GET_RESPONSE_(3) 					 Libmodbus Manual					   MODBUS_GET_RESPONSE_(3)

modbus_get_response_timeout - get timeout for response SYNOPSIS
void modbus_get_response_timeout(modbus_t *ctx, struct timeval *timeout); DESCRIPTION
The modbus_get_response_timeout() function shall store the timeout interval used to wait for a response in the timeout argument. RETURN VALUE
There is no return values. EXAMPLE
struct timeval old_response_timeout; struct timeval response_timeout; /* Save original timeout */ modbus_get_response_timeout(ctx, &old_response_timeout); /* Define a new and too short timeout! */ response_timeout.tv_sec = 0; response_timeout.tv_usec = 0; modbus_set_response_timeout(ctx, &response_timeout); SEE ALSO
modbus_set_response_timeout(3) modbus_get_byte_timeout(3) modbus_set_byte_timeout(3) AUTHORS
The libmodbus documentation was written by Stephane Raimbault <[1]> NOTES
1. libmodbus 3.0.3 05/26/2012 MODBUS_GET_RESPONSE_(3)

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