XIPMSG(1)						      General Commands Manual							 XIPMSG(1)

xipmsg - XIP Messenger SYNOPSIS
xipmsg [-broadcast broadcast-address[,broadcast-address,...]] [-bogus_fix] [-debug n] [-disable] [-name entity-name] [-port portnumber] [-toolkitoption ...] DESCRIPTION
Xipmsg is an UDP based simple communication tool for X11. It can communicate with IP Messenger for Windows/Macintosh. See README file for more information. OPTIONS Xipmsg accepts all of the standard X Toolkit command line options, as well as the followings: -broadcast broadcast-address[,broadcast-address,...]] specifies boradcast addresses separated by a comma. It defaults to Xipmsg send broadcast packets at the start and the end. -bogus_fix Specify if xipmsg freezes when send a message. -debug n specifies debug level. -disable makes your name invisible. -name entity-name specifies your name. It defaults to $USER. -port Iportnumber specifies the UDP port number. It defaults to 2425. FILES
xbro*.xbm - icon bitmap files. SEE ALSO
X(1). BUGS
Original IP Messenger for Windows: Copyright (C) 1996, 1997 by H.Shirouzu X version: Copyright (C) 1996, 1997 by Toshihiro Kanda X Version 11 Release 6 XIPMSG(1)

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