NE_SET_SESSION_FLAG(3)						neon API reference					    NE_SET_SESSION_FLAG(3)

ne_set_session_flag, ne_get_session_flag - set and retrieve session flags SYNOPSIS
#include <ne_request.h> void ne_set_session_flag(ne_session *sess, ne_session_flag flag, int value); int ne_get_session_flag(ne_session *sess, ne_session_flag flag); DESCRIPTION
The ne_set_session_flag function enables or disables a session flag. Passing a non-zero value argument enables the flag, and zero disables it. The following flags are defined: NE_SESSFLAG_PERSIST disable this flag to prevent use of persistent connections NE_SESSFLAG_ICYPROTO enable this flag to enable support for non-HTTP ShoutCast-style "ICY" responses NE_SESSFLAG_SSLv2 disable this flag to disable support for the SSLv2 protocol NE_SESSFLAG_RFC4918 enable this flag to enable support for RFC4918-only WebDAV features; losing backwards-compatibility with RFC2518 servers NE_SESSFLAG_CONNAUTH enable this flag if an RFC-violating connection-based HTTP authentication scheme is in use NE_SESSFLAG_TLS_SNI disable this flag if a server is used which does not correctly support the TLS SNI extension NE_SESSFLAG_EXPECT100 enable this flag to enable the request flag NE_REQFLAG_EXPECT100 for new requests RETURN VALUE
The ne_get_session_flag function returns zero if a flag is disabled, less than zero if the flag is not supported, or greater than zero if the flag is enabled. SEE ALSO
ne_session_create, ne_set_request_flag. AUTHOR
Joe Orton <> Author. COPYRIGHT
neon 0.29.6 3 May 2011 NE_SET_SESSION_FLAG(3)

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