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zfsloader -- kernel bootstrapping final stage DESCRIPTION
zfsloader is an extended variant of loader(8) with added support for booting from ZFS. This document describes only differences from loader(8). ZFS FEATURES
zfsloader supports the following format for specifying ZFS filesystems which can be used wherever loader(8) refers to a device specification: zfs:pool/filesystem: where pool/filesystem is a ZFS filesystem name as described in zfs(8). If /etc/fstab does not have an entry for the root filesystem and vfs.root.mountfrom is not set, but currdev refers to a ZFS filesystem, then zfsloader will instruct kernel to use that filesystem as the root filesystem. ZFS COMMAND EXTENSIONS
lsdev [-v] Lists ZFS pools in addition to disks and partitions. Adding -v shows more ZFS pool details in a format that resembles zpool status output. lszfs filesystem A ZFS extended command that can be used to explore the ZFS filesystem hierarchy in a pool. Lists the immediate children of the filesystem. The filesystem hierarchy is rooted at a filesystem with the same name as the pool. FILES
/boot/zfsloader zfsloader itself. EXAMPLES
Set the default device used for loading a kernel from a ZFS filesystem: set currdev=zfs:tank/ROOT/knowngood: SEE ALSO
gptzfsboot(8), loader(8), zfs(8), zfsboot(8), zfsloader(8), zpool(8) HISTORY
The zfsloader first appeared in FreeBSD 7.3. AUTHORS
This manual page was written by Andriy Gapon <avg@FreeBSD.org>. BSD
September 15, 2014 BSD

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