firestring_estr_chug(3) 				     Library Functions Manual					   firestring_estr_chug(3)

firestring_estr_chug - remove whitespace from the beginning of an estring SYNOPSIS
#include <firestring.h> -lfirestring void firestring_estr_chug(struct firestring_estr_t *string) DESCRIPTION
firestring_estr_chug shortens string by moving the start forward until the string begins with a non-whitespace character or is empty. CAVEATS
This function moves the starting pointer inside string. If string was allocated with firestring_estr_alloc(3), (as opposed to constructed manually pointing inside other memory), future calls to firestring_estr_free(3) will fail if this function trimmed any space from the start of the string. In these cases, use firestring_estr_ip_chug(3) instead. RETURN VALUE
Ian Gulliver <> SEE ALSO
libfirestring(3) 2003-07-30 firestring_estr_chug(3)

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