libxml_use_internal_errors - Disable libxml errors and allow user to fetch error information as needed

bool libxml_use_internal_errors ([bool $use_errors = false]) DESCRIPTION
libxml_use_internal_errors(3) allows you to disable standard libxml errors and enable user error handling. PARAMETERS
o $use_errors - Enable ( TRUE) user error handling or disable ( FALSE) user error handling. Disabling will also clear any existing libxml errors. RETURN VALUES
This function returns the previous value of $use_errors. EXAMPLES
Example #1 A libxml_use_internal_errors(3) example This example demonstrates the basic usage of libxml errors and the value returned by this function. <?php // enable user error handling var_dump(libxml_use_internal_errors(true)); // load the document $doc = new DOMDocument; if (!$doc->load('file.xml')) { foreach (libxml_get_errors() as $error) { // handle errors here } libxml_clear_errors(); } ?> The above example will output: bool(false) SEE ALSO
libxml_clear_errors(3), libxml_get_errors(3). PHP Documentation Group LIBXML_USE_INTERNAL_ERRORS(3)

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