mapiproxy/libmapistore/mapistore_errors.h(3)		   OpenChange mapistore library 	      mapiproxy/libmapistore/mapistore_errors.h(3)

mapiproxy/libmapistore/mapistore_errors.h - This header provides a set of result codes for MAPISTORE function calls. SYNOPSIS
Enumerations enum mapistore_error { MAPISTORE_SUCCESS = 0, MAPISTORE_ERROR = 1, MAPISTORE_ERR_NO_MEMORY = 2, MAPISTORE_ERR_ALREADY_INITIALIZED = 3, MAPISTORE_ERR_NOT_INITIALIZED = 4, MAPISTORE_ERR_CORRUPTED = 5, MAPISTORE_ERR_INVALID_PARAMETER = 6, MAPISTORE_ERR_NO_DIRECTORY = 7, MAPISTORE_ERR_DATABASE_INIT = 8, MAPISTORE_ERR_DATABASE_OPS = 9, MAPISTORE_ERR_BACKEND_REGISTER = 10, MAPISTORE_ERR_BACKEND_INIT = 11, MAPISTORE_ERR_CONTEXT_FAILED = 12, MAPISTORE_ERR_INVALID_NAMESPACE = 13, MAPISTORE_ERR_NOT_FOUND = 14, MAPISTORE_ERR_REF_COUNT = 15, MAPISTORE_ERR_EXIST = 16, MAPISTORE_ERR_INVALID_DATA = 17, MAPISTORE_ERR_MSG_SEND = 18, MAPISTORE_ERR_MSG_RCV = 19, MAPISTORE_ERR_DENIED = 20, MAPISTORE_ERR_NOT_IMPLEMENTED } Detailed Description This header provides a set of result codes for MAPISTORE function calls. Enumeration Type Documentation enum mapistore_error Enumerator: MAPISTORE_SUCCESS The function call succeeded. MAPISTORE_ERROR The function call failed for some non-specific reason. MAPISTORE_ERR_NO_MEMORY The function call failed because it was unable to allocate the memory required by underlying operations. MAPISTORE_ERR_ALREADY_INITIALIZED The function call failed because underlying context has already been initialized. MAPISTORE_ERR_NOT_INITIALIZED The function call failed because context has not been initialized. MAPISTORE_ERR_CORRUPTED The function call failed because an internal mapistore storage component has corrupted data. MAPISTORE_ERR_INVALID_PARAMETER The function call failed because one of the function parameters is invalid. MAPISTORE_ERR_NO_DIRECTORY The function call failed because the directory doesn't exist. MAPISTORE_ERR_DATABASE_INIT The function call failed because the underlying function couldn't open a database. MAPISTORE_ERR_DATABASE_OPS The function call failed because the underlying function didn't run a database operation successfully. MAPISTORE_ERR_BACKEND_REGISTER The function failed to register a storage backend. MAPISTORE_ERR_BACKEND_INIT One of more storage backend initialization functions failed to complete successfully. MAPISTORE_ERR_CONTEXT_FAILED The function failed because mapistore failed to create a context. MAPISTORE_ERR_INVALID_NAMESPACE The function failed because the provided namespace is invalid. MAPISTORE_ERR_NOT_FOUND The function failed to find requested record/data. MAPISTORE_ERR_REF_COUNT The function still has a reference count. MAPISTORE_ERR_EXIST The function already have record/data for the searched element. MAPISTORE_ERR_INVALID_DATA The function failed to generate requested data/payload. MAPISTORE_ERR_MSG_SEND The function failed to send message. MAPISTORE_ERR_MSG_RCV The function failed to receive message. MAPISTORE_ERR_DENIED The operation required privileges that the user does not have. MAPISTORE_ERR_NOT_IMPLEMENTED The function is not implemented. Author Generated automatically by Doxygen for OpenChange mapistore library from the source code. Version 1.0 Sat Jun 14 2014 mapiproxy/libmapistore/mapistore_errors.h(3)

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