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APC_DEC(3)								 1								APC_DEC(3)

apc_dec - Decrease a stored number

int apc_dec (string $key, [int $step = 1], [bool &$success]) DESCRIPTION
Decreases a stored integer value. PARAMETERS
o $key - The key of the value being decreased. o $step - The step, or value to decrease. o $success - Optionally pass the success or fail boolean value to this referenced variable. RETURN VALUES
Returns the current value of $key's value on success, or FALSE on failure EXAMPLES
Example #1 apc_dec(3) example <?php echo "Let's do something with success", PHP_EOL; apc_store('anumber', 42); echo apc_fetch('anumber'), PHP_EOL; echo apc_dec('anumber'), PHP_EOL; echo apc_dec('anumber', 10), PHP_EOL; echo apc_dec('anumber', 10, $success), PHP_EOL; var_dump($success); echo "Now, let's fail", PHP_EOL, PHP_EOL; apc_store('astring', 'foo'); $ret = apc_dec('astring', 1, $fail); var_dump($ret); var_dump($fail); ?> The above example will output something similar to: Let's do something with success 42 41 31 21 bool(true) Now, let's fail bool(false) bool(false) SEE ALSO
apc_inc(3). PHP Documentation Group APC_DEC(3)

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