swfextract(1)							     swftools							     swfextract(1)

swfextract - a tool for extracting data out of swf files. Synopsis swfextract [options] [file.swf] DESCRIPTION
swfextracts allows one to extract swf movieclips and objects out of swf files. SWF files are animation files which can be displayed in Web Browsers using the Flash Plugin. OPTIONS
-h, --help Print short help message and exit -o, --output filename Write output to file filename -V, --version Print version info and exit -i, --id ids ids is a range of IDs to extract. E.g. 1-10,14 -j, --jpegs ids ids is a range of JPEG IDs to extract. E.g. 1-2,3,14- -p, --pngs ids ids is a range of PNG IDs to extract. E.g. -10,20-30 -f, --frame frames frames is a range of frames to extract. E.g. 1-10,20-30,40- -n, --name name Set the name of the object to extract to name. -w, --hollow Copy empty frames to the output file, too. -P, --placeobject Copy original placeobject tag for the given object into the output file (Use with -i). This means that the object is at the same position in the generated movie as in the original movie. -j, --jpegs range Extract jpeg pictures in range -p, --pngs range Extract png pictures in range -m, --mp3 Extract main mp3 stream (There may be substreams in the Movieclips, as well. To extract these, first extract the Movieclips with -i and then use -m) AUTHOR
Matthias Kramm <kramm@quiss.org> swfdump January 2003 swfextract(1)

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