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EvmEventRead(3) 					     Library Functions Manual						   EvmEventRead(3)

EvmEventRead(), EvmEventWrite() - perform I/O of EVM events to and from a file SYNOPSIS
Library EVM Support Library Parameters event For the return operand created for the event read. For the event to be written. fd The file descriptor to which the event is written, or from which it is read. DESCRIPTION
The routine creates a new event structure and populates it with an event read from the supplied file descriptor The routine must be used to destroy the new event when it is no longer needed. The routine writes the supplied event to the specified file descriptor It does not destroy the event. If the event is no longer needed, call RETURN VALUE
The operation completed without error. An end-of-file condition was encountered while reading. One of the arguments to the function is invalid. An operation failed because an attempt to acquire heap memory failed. An error occurred while reading an event. An error occurred while writing an event. ERRORS
The value of is not set. SEE ALSO
Routines EvmEventDestroy(3). Event Management EVM(5). EVM Events EvmEvent(5). EvmEventRead(3)

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