uwx_init(3X)															      uwx_init(3X)

uwx_init() - create and initialize an unwind environment SYNOPSIS
is part of the Unwind Express Library for Integrity systems; see uwx(3X). allocates and initializes a new unwind environment object for use by the Unwind Express Library. The unwind environment is an opaque structure that is used by all other entry points in the Unwind Express Library. An unwind environment, once allocated, may be used for many stack unwind operations. Each call to prepares the unwind environment for a new stack unwind operation. When the application is finished using the unwind environment, it should call to dispose of the memory used. RETURN VALUE
returns a pointer to the unwind environment object if successful; it returns a NULL pointer if the unwind environment could not be allo- cated. AUTHOR
The Unwind Express Library was developed by Hewlett-Packard. SEE ALSO
uwx(3X), uwx_add_to_bsp(3X), uwx_find_source_info(3X), uwx_find_symbol(3X), uwx_free(3X), uwx_get_abi_context_code(3X), uwx_get_func- start(3X), uwx_get_module_info(3X), uwx_get_nat(3X), uwx_get_reg(3X), uwx_get_source_info(3X), uwx_get_sym_info(3X), uwx_init_context(3X), uwx_register_alloc_cb(3X), uwx_register_callbacks(3X), uwx_release_symbol_cache(3X), uwx_self_do_context_frame(3X), uwx_self_free_info(3X), uwx_self_init_context(3X), uwx_self_init_info(3X), uwx_set_nofr(3X), uwx_set_remote(3X), uwx_step(3X), uwx_step_inline(3X). Integrity Systems Only uwx_init(3X)

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