DXmSvnSetEntrySensitivity(3X)											     DXmSvnSetEntrySensitivity(3X)

DXmSvnSetEntrySensitivity - Controls whether the user can select a particular entry. SYNOPSIS
void DXmSvnSetEntrySensitivity( Widget widget, int entry, Boolean sens ); PARAMETERS
The identifier (widget ID) of the SVN widget. An integer that represents the number of the entry whose sensitivity will be set or changed. A Boolean value that, when True, means the entry is sensitive (the user can select it). If the value is False, the SVN widget will dim the display of the entry to indicate that the entry is not sensitive (the user cannot select it). DESCRIPTION
The DXmSvnSetEntrySensitivity routine changes the sensitivity of an entry ("sensitivity" means whether the SVN widget will allow the user to select a particular entry). When using this routine, note the following: Make the call in your application between calls to DXmSvnDis- ableDisplay and DXmSvnEnableDisplay. If the newly specified sensitivity is the same as the current sensitivity, the call is ignored. If the newly specified sensitivity for the entry is different from the current sensitivity, that entry is redisplayed if necessary. If an entry is being changed to no longer be sensitive (the user cannot select the entry) and that entry is currently selected, the entry will be cleared (canceled) and then redisplayed. DXmSvnSetEntrySensitivity(3X)

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