kcmond(1M)																kcmond(1M)

kcmond - EMS Kernel Tunable Monitor daemon SYNOPSIS
The kcmond daemon monitors the consumption of kernel resources. It is an Event Monitoring Services (EMS - see ems(5)) monitor. The data collected by kcusage can be displayed by kcusage(1M). kcmond includes a resource dictionary file (/etc/opt/resmon/dictionary/kcmond_01.dict) which is used by EMS to identify resources for moni- toring. Users can control the monitoring of each kernel tunable by setting a percentage value for the consumption of that resource. For example, if the user sets a value of 75 for nproc, the Kernel Tunable Monitor will report an event when the number of processes reaches 75% of the nproc setting. The kcalarm(1M) command is used to add, modify and delete kernel tunable alarms. The kcusage(1M) command is used to view data collected by kcmond. The kcweb(1M) command provides a Web-based, graphical user interface to control alarms and view usage data, including graphs of the usage data. kcmond is a light weight daemon that will exit after being idle for ten minutes. SUPPORTED PARAMETERS
For a complete list of the kernel tunables that can be monitored with this daemon, see the kcusage(1M) manpage. DEPENDENCIES
kcmond must be run by the registrar process of the Event Monitoring Service (EMS) and is not designed to be run from the command line. AUTHORS
was developed by Hewlett-Packard. FILES
Executable. The resource dictionary for kcmond, describes the location (e.g. /system/kernel_tunables/nproc) of kernel tunables in the resource hierar- chy and references kcmond as the resource monitor. Log file for the entire Resource Monitor Framework, including kcmond. Any errors are logged here. SEE ALSO
kcalarm(1M), ems(5), kcusage(1M) kcmond(1M)

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