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selinux_binary_policy_path(3)				     SELinux API Documentation				     selinux_binary_policy_path(3)

selinux_path, selinux_policy_root, selinux_binary_policy_path, selinux_current_policy_path, selinux_failsafe_context_path, selinux_remov- able_context_path, selinux_default_context_path, selinux_user_contexts_path, selinux_file_context_path, selinux_media_context_path, selinux_contexts_path, selinux_booleans_path - These functions return the paths to the active SELinux policy configuration directories and files
#include <selinux/selinux.h> const char *selinux_path(void); const char *selinux_policy_root(void); const char *selinux_binary_policy_path(void); const char *selinux_current_policy_path(void); const char *selinux_failsafe_context_path(void); const char *selinux_removable_context_path(void); const char *selinux_default_context_path(void); const char *selinux_user_contexts_path(void); const char *selinux_usersconf_path(void); const char *selinux_x_context_path(void); const char *selinux_sepgsql_context_path(void); const char *selinux_file_context_path(void); const char *selinux_media_context_path(void); const char *selinux_securetty_types_path(void); const char *selinux_contexts_path(void); const char *selinux_booleans_path(void);
These functions return the paths to the active policy configuration directories and files based on the settings in /etc/selinux/config. selinux_path() returns the top-level SELinux configuration directory. selinux_policy_root() returns the top-level policy directory. selinux_binary_policy_path() returns the binary policy file loaded into kernel. selinux_current_policy_path() returns the currently loaded policy file from the kernel. selinux_default_type_path() returns the context file mapping roles to default types. selinux_failsafe_context_path() returns the failsafe context for emergency logins. selinux_removable_context_path() returns the filesystem context for removable media. selinux_default_context_path() returns the system-wide default contexts for user sessions. selinux_user_contexts_path() returns the directory containing per-user default contexts. selinux_usersconf_path() returns the file containing mapping between Linux Users and SELinux users. selinux_x_context_path() returns the file containing configuration for XSELinux extension. selinux_sepgsql_context_path() returns the file containing configuration for SE-PostgreSQL. selinux_netfilter_context_path() returns the default netfilter context. selinux_file_context_path() returns the default system file contexts configuration. selinux_file_context_local_path() returns the local customization file contexts configuration. selinux_file_context_homedir_path() returns the home directory file contexts configuration. selinux_media_context_path() returns the file contexts for media device nodes. selinux_contexts_path() returns the directory containing all of the context configuration files. selinux_securetty_types_path() returns the defines tty types for newrole securettys. selinux_booleans_path() returns the initial policy boolean settings.
This manual page was written by Dan Walsh <>.
selinux(8) 15 November 2004 selinux_binary_policy_path(3)

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