VITMP(1)						      General Commands Manual							  VITMP(1)

vitmp - edit temporary files SYNOPSIS
vitmp [VIM options] FILE... DESCRIPTION
vitmp is a wrapper around the VIM editor which may be used to invoke the editor in a way that is guaranteed to be suitable for editing tem- porary files used with programs such as crontab(1) and edquota(8). The instance of the editor that is invoked is /bin/vi. In particular, it is guaranteed that the file, if edited, will be overwritten in place such that the modified contents may be read back via a previously obtained file descriptor. Invoking the editor via vitmp also makes sure that no additional editor temporary files are used. Please note that vitmp offers no crash recovery capabilities. If the editor crashes during the overwrite, data may be lost. HISTORY
vitmp first appeared in Openwall GNU/*/Linux 1.0. AUTHORS
Solar Designer <> SEE ALSO
crontab(1), vi(1), vim(1), edquota(8) Openwall Project 25 April 2002 VITMP(1)

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